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Contracts Made Easier

Contracts Made Easier

A well-written contract brings out the best of the involved parties, and the sum of such contracts allows human relations to flourish. On the other hand, unfair contracts tend to result in an unfair advantage of the parties. Consequently, contracts should be seen as a matter that concerns us all.


Contracts are difficult

Though it is clear that contracts have to be written, it can be difficult to know where to start when actually writing them. Literally everything about them is complicated: drafting, negotiating, formating, storing, and etc. However, the contract services currently released in the market only focus on the part that involves “signing” and do not account for the diverse difficulties.

Work on contracts with ease through Legal Block

Legal Block offers convenient features including web editing, live messaging, templates, and etc., facilitating the contracting process at all stages.

The problem is in the medium

Legal disputes can occur depending on how the contract is written, even if the actual content remains the same. Poorly-written contracts can give rise to legal disputes, whereas well-written contracts can prevent them from ever happening. In this sense, attention must be paid to the way in which contracts are recorded. Paper contracts, by nature, can be torn into pieces and damaged, even meticulously forged. Yet, contracts must be stored with care for the sake of avoiding legal disputes, and as such, storing contracts in paper form is the equivalent of writing a poorly-written contract. But then, what is the best medium to record and store contracts?

Legal advice is expensive

Not all of us have the time, resources, and expertise to write good contracts, or to tell whether a contract is well-written. Especially in the case of the socially disadvantaged, it will be difficult to access the resources needed to appraise contracts. Furthemore, the high costs charged by the law firms act as a deterrent to receiving proper legal advice.

Record all stages of the contracting process on blockchain

Save all data, not just the contract itself but also all stages of the contracting process, on a decentralized data storage, rendering contracts forgery-proof and preemptively preventing legal disputes.

Receive legal advice through the Legal Block ecosystem at affordable rates.

Users, in exchange for Legal Block Token(LBK), can receive legal advice at affordable rates and can store contracts on a decentralized data storage. Legal professionals, in exchange for offering legal services on the platform, receive LBK. Legal Block strives to create a blockchain-based token ecosystem profitable to all users and legal professionals.
All stages of the contracting process at one platform
E-Contract offers convenient features including web editing, live messaging, sample templates, group management,
and etc, facilitating the contracting process at all stages.
Web editor
Group management
Legal advice
E-contract’s Web editor enables to work on contracts on Chrome browser without installing any other licensed editors. With internet capable mobile devices(PC, tablet computer, smartphone), contracts are editable and even can be signed.
Business accounts have group members for managing issues. HD derivation path technology used in Ledger Wallet enables managing group securely as group members sign with one business accounts information.
Individual/business accounts save their own templates and authenticated contract format also can be downloaded from E-Contract. Users work on contracts with no difficulty for repetitive and complicated contract process.
E-contract’s professionals(lawyer, patent attorney, Accountant) provide legal advice as you process contracts. Users receive legal advice at affordable rates and are available to access the resources needed to appraise contracts. Moreover, E-Contract increases efficiency in time and monetary issues since the high costs charged by the law firms act as a deterrent to receiving proper legal advice.
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    Seoul National University and University of Seoul Law School, Attorney-at-law at EYP Law
  • Jayden Kong
    Seoul National University, Patent Attorney at Korea Association Of Technology Holdings and YOU ME Patent & Law Firm
  • Hyunsoo Kim
    Samsung C&T PM, Managing E-contract project at Legalblock
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    Korea University and University of Seoul Law School
  • Jonghyun Kim
    Vienna National University, Department of Philosophy (enrolled), Editor at Steigern BlockChain Labs
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    Graduated George Washington University Law School Class of 2011, Managed Intellectual Property at Rovi Corporation, CEO of Ideahub and Glocom
  • Yongjin Shin
    Graduated Seoul National University School of Law Class of 1987, Passed the 42nd Korean Bar exam in 2000, Consultant of Samsung and Keangnam enterprises co., Currently employed Lawyer of Harmony law firm
  • Changgeun Kim
    Graduated Seoul National University and Law school of Sungkyunkwan University, KICPA of Deloitte Anjin LLC in 2010, Currently employed lawyer of One law partners
  • Sunghoon Lee
    Tax Accountant
    Seogang University, Worked at B&G Tax Services and Jaeyoo Law, CEO of Sunghoon Lee Tax & Accounting Office
  • Jongwon Park
    Lecturer in Financial Accounting And Audit
    Received PhD Degree from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), AICPA, Currently employed Accounting professor at Monash University(Melbourne, Australia)
  • Yeongjoo Ahn
    2015.09 ~ Representative Attorney-at-Law at Wooil Law
    2005 Attorney-at-Law at Yulchon LLC
    1998 Yonsei University. Public Administration Major
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