Legal block will record
every process of your contract

White paper About Block-C (Prototype service)


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Legal Block offers a new paradigm for
preventing and resolving disputes.

  • Record of Every
    Contract Process

    Legal Block records every step of contract and transaction that are ongoing.

  • Storing at Blockchain

    Legal Block secures reliability of legal documents by storing every data of contract and transaction at blockchain.

  • Prevention and
    Resolution of disputes

    When a dispute occurs, Legal Block will help resolve the dispute with recorded data in the Legal Block.

By using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency ecology, Legal Block offers a new paradigm for preventing and resolving legal disputes.

Legal Block has offered BLOCK-C, a prototype service since July 17st, 2018.


  • Lawsuit
  • Lawyer
  • Contract Process
  • Disputes
  • Blockchain Storage
  • Contract Terms
  • Coin Economy
  • Customized Contract
  • A.I
  • Big data
  • Mainnet

Features & Benefits

Legal Block will record every contract process.

Customized Contract

Legal Block offers customized contracts.

  • Individual

    Needless to see the lawyer face to face, individuals can receive recommended contracts or contract clauses that individuals need.

  • Corporation

    By receiving contracts fully customizable to fit business needs, corporations can sign a comparatively favorable contract.

  • Expert

    By reviewing customized contracts, expert can reduce review time.

Contract Process

Legal Block will record every contract process.

  • Individual

    By recording every process, contents of the contract will be confirmed by record not by human memory.

  • Corporation

    Even if the contract agent is changed, Corporations can improve business efficiency by checking the contract and contract processes and easily comparing with the former contract.

  • Expert

    When a legal dispute occurs, it is easy to judge from the facts by confirming not only the contract itself but also contract process.

Blockchain Storage

All the data of the contract will be stored in blockchain.

  • Individual

    Individuals can check their own contract data in one platform.

  • Corporation

    Without worrying about forgery, Corporations can manage contract data, lower the risk of Corporations and improve reliability.

  • Expert

    When a legal dispute occurs, experts can see the related materials all at once and easily organize them.

Coin Economy

Legal Block creates ecology in legal market, creating a virtuous cycle.

  • Individual

    By holding Legal Power(LP), individuals can receive better legal services.

  • Corporation

    By holding and using Legal Power(LP) steadily, value of the corporations can appreciate with transparent risk management.

  • Expert

    Lawyers can not only promote themselves by LQ but also generate more revenue by converting LQ to Legal Block coin.


Legal Block will record every contract process.

2016 Legal Block Started
Legal Block Plan
2017 Business Model
Business Model Enhancement Plan
Introduction of Advisors
Prototype Plan
2018 Prototype Launch & ICO
Prototype Development & Private Sale
Prototype Open & Pre-sale
Beta Version Service Development
2019 Feedback & Optimization For Mainnet
Being listed up on domestic and overseas exchange
3Q ~ 4Q
Service Commercialization and Advancement
2020 Mainnet Development
Service Commercialization and Advancement
3Q ~ 4Q
Overseas Service Launching
2021 Total Legal Platform
Expand service portfolio(Bigdata, AI, etc.)
3Q ~ 4Q
Plan,development united legal platform

Abount ICO

Total Supply of Legal Block Token is

Maximum of 2,250,000,000 will be issued with scheduled ICO, The main purpose of Legal block is not to sell the token but to develop service. Sales of token can be limited and remained tokens can be held by the company or be burnt.

  • Complete

    Private Sale 25 May ~ 5 June 2018

  • Coming Soon

    Pre-Sale 9 August ~ 6 September 2018

  • Coming Soon

    ICO 9 ~ 20 September 2018

  • Coming Soon

    Domestic and foreign exchange listing 1Q ~ 2Q 2019

Distribution of Tokens

Distribution of Funds

Legal block TEAM

Lion Kim CEO

After graduating from Seoul National University and Law School of University of Seoul, Lion Kim passed second lawyer bar examination. Now he is developing and planning Legal Block.

Hyunsoo Kim CTO

After graduating from Seoul National University, Hyunsoo Kim worked at Samsung C&T in Project Management Part, experiencing various projects such as A.I. Chatbot, mobile application development.

Jayden Kong COO

After graduating from Seoul National University and passing forty-ninth patent attorney examination, Daewoo Kong has worked on patent administration and technology commercialization. Now, Mr. Kong has worked on planning and developing Legal Block with Lion Kim.

Sehoon Yoon Manager

After graduating Korea University and Law School of University of Seoul, Sehoon Yoon has a great talent at Law.

Taehyung Kim Tech Advisor(Blockchain)

M.S. in mathematics, Sogang University He has 10 years of experience as a CTO on numerous startups such as Sumware, Mobile Utility, Odd-M, 34Days. Now, he is working as a CTO in KStarLive making a token economy in Korean Waves.

Kyungho Kim Tech Advisor(A.I.)

B.S. in Korea Aerospace University After working at Hitachi and ABeam Consulting in Japan, Kyungho, as a management strategy consultant, worked on commercialization and amalgamation of A.I. and Big Data. Now, he is a CEO of Underpin, a startup working on amalgamation of blockchain technology and A.I. in Korea.

James Lee Tech Advisor(Bigdata)

Ph.D. in Industrial Management Engineering, Inha University He has experience in consulting and development of integration of varied projects and main fields of study is Bigdata, GraphTheory and Search engine. Now he is working as a CTO in Wavus, an IT startup.

Yongjin Shin Legal Advisor(Lawyer)

He served as a legal advisor in Samsung Electronics and Keangnam Enterprises. Now, he is a legal advisor of Legal Block.

Keith K. IM Legal Advisor(U.S. Lawyer)

After graduating Yonsei University and George Washington University, she worked in LG Electronics, Intellectual DIscover, Rovi co and Glocom in. Now, she is a CEO of Ideahub Inc.

Sunghoon Lee Legal Advisor(Tax Accountant)

After graduating Sogang University, he worked in B&G Taxation Services Company and Law Firm Jaeyoo, Now he is a CEO of Lee Sunghoon.

Jongwon Park Legal Advisor(Accounting Lecturer)

Ph.D. in KAIST Dr. Park, an assistant professor in Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, is working with Legal Block.

Dennis Kim Legal Advisor(Bigdata)

Mr. Kim has participated in various ICOs and maintained a close relationship with outstanding cryptocurrency groups.


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